Sunday, August 6, 2017

Women out for themselves...about time, you say?

It's Sunday. I've got a sore throat and a fever. In between naps, I read short opinion pieces in the NYT, as you have gathered. The article I respond to, "Hire Women Your Mom's Age," can be found here.

As I suspected, the woman who wrote this opinion piece lost her last "real job" in her fifties and joined the "gig economy." Younger women who might be in a position to hire a woman her age, are no more likely to hire her than a man might be. I read this somewhere. Partly because there is no concept of solidarity now. Everyone is out for themselves, busily sweeping other people's concerns outside their darkly drawn "boundaries." And partly because the women now who might be in a position of power sufficient to be hiring, are young enough to still be running as fast as they can away from "mother figures" who might have more experience to offer...and yet not old enough to see the big iron door in front of them, and hear it slam shut for those a few years ahead of themselves. They will be surprised to know that on the other side of the door, once they play hopscotch across the illusive, false promise of the 3-dot elipses, it's a free fall. You have to be ready to consider this sudden loss of footing. Some find it exhilarating. Others, terrifying.

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